Black Opium Incense

Black Opium Incense

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Black Opium Incense is a sweet-smelling mix of sandalwood scent for reflection and yoga. It is an incense stick that burn for long with intriguing spices, oils and resins. 

The Black Opium incense sticks are extracted from the core of a poppy seed, it has the power to make an euphoric environment extraordinary for loosening up and advancing solid sleep. It is ideal for internal peace and strength because of its quiet nature.

Consuming incense for protection helps in centering the mind and improves fixation, raises energy, and squares out regrettable points. Light up the Black Opium Incense at home to kill negative energy. Improve your environment fragrance or use during prayer, reflection and yoga practice.


  • Aids in contemplation and reflection.
  • Makes a Sanctuary.
  • Animates Creativity and Awareness.
  • Unwind constantly.
  • Expands Focus and Inner Strength.
  • Promotes Liberality and Mindfulness.